Franklin County Animal Shelter

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Franklin County Animal Shelter
351 T. Kemp Road,
Louisburg, NC, 27549
Phone: 919-496-3032


Opening Hours
Monday - Friday 12pm to 4pm and Saturday 12pm - 2pm.
CLOSED Sunday and holidays

Need something to do - take a dog for a walk!

Make a boring day more interesting for the animals at the Franklin County Animal Shelter by going to visit them to socialize and play. The shelter is always in need of volunteers to take dogs on walks and play with cats. volunteers have attend a volunteer orientation evening at our shelter. See the Facebook page or contact us to check thg next date of the volunteer orientation evening.

Dogs Needing Homes at Franklin County Animal Shelter Louisburg, NC


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Who we are
Franklin County Animal Control is located in Louisburg, NC approx 30-45 minutes North of Raleigh. Animals that enter our shelter are brought in either as strays or as owner relenquish and are cared for by our staff and volunteers each day. We are a county run facility. We strive to protect animals from abuse, neglect and homelessness. Our staff have enormous hearts and do everything we can to provide resources to the community to promote responsible pet ownership with the goal of reducing dangers, overpopulation and nuisances caused by stray and unwanted animals.

Franklin County has a modern shelter located at 351 T. Kemp Road, Louisburg, NC 27549. There are quarantine areas, separate areas for puppies, small dogs, kittens, larger dogs and cats. There are visitation rooms where potential adopters may take their new prospective family members to get to know them and a fenced in area for walking.

Animals that come into Franklin County Animal Shelter are of various backgrounds, most are unknown. Our staff is dedicated to finding homes for the animals in our care. Many of the animals are offered for adoption to the public. Some have issues which prevent us from allowing them to be adopted by the public. We work continuously with 501c3 nonprofit animal rescues who provide the treatment or training these animals need to rehome them. Animals are brought into our facility each and every day so please check the website frequently. If you are local, it would be great for you to come into our shelter to see all of our pets that are here and waiting for their new homes.We try and list them as soon as possible but ther are always new faces to be seen. If local, please stop in and walk thru to see all of our available animals.

Adoption Information
Our adoption fee is $25. We only accept cash or check. If the animal you adopt is not already spay/neutered at the time of adoption, you will be required to have the animal spay/neutered within 30 days of adoption (or by 6 months of age for puppies and kittens) and return proof of the spay/neuter to our office. ADOPTIONS ARE FIRST COME FIRST SERVED! WE DO NOT HOLD ANIMALS FOR ADOPTERS.

Contact Information
If you have a question about the status of any animals at the facility or need to retrieve a lost pet, call 919-496-3032 or e-mail

Opening Hours
Monday - Friday 12pm to 4pm and Saturday 12pm - 2pm.
CLOSED Sunday and holidays

E-Mail For information about this website please e-mail
Page updated: January 14th 2020
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