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News of Rainbow Animal Rescue NC

Injured Puppy Rescued
Last dog, Rainbow Animal Rescue, NC May 10th: Please welcome Saber to our crew. She was the one that had a small gash on her chest. She did not require stitches but did get cleaned up and antibiotics and pain meds. It does not seem to have slowed her down any. She received her vaccines and fecal while she was there for the gash. Estimated to be 4 months old and weighs 15 pounds. Thank you to all that donated. The $200 covered her vet bill that was $184.00.

May 9th 2024: Meet Saber. We met Animal Control to get this little pup that was being owner surrendered because she has a gash on her chest. She is headed to the vet to have it cleaned (stitched if needed) and any meds they recommend.
Last RAR Dog Leaves 54 Dog Pound Road
Last dog, Rainbow Animal Rescue, NC
March 9th 2024: As many people are aware, due to changes in staffing we are transitioning to foster based. The last dog (above) has left the building and the rescue is closed for intake until the first part of April. Over the past 10 years, 6,207+ animals have come into rescue under our name. We had a 98% positive outcome. Our hearts broke as we lost some to parvo, to heartworm disease, or other issues. Change happens. We are older, slower, but we have not stopped. We cannot keep up the pace we have in the past. We are still working with Halifax County Animal Control and the public to network those in need with other rescue groups. Messages should be sent via FB Messenger providing pictures and all info possible on potential surrenders. Foster homes will help us help other animals in need. Foster homes make a difference. If interested in fostering please click here to see the Foster Application Form.
Our New Kennels
New Kennels, Rainbow Animal Rescue, NC Feb. 28th: The small kennel building is coming along. Still have to get the fencing up, the floors done and the holes cut to install the guillotine doors.

New Kennels, Rainbow Animal Rescue, NC January 27th 2024: Update on new small kennel building. We were delayed by the weather because you cannot pour concrete when it is freezing. The concrete is now poured and the photo was before it was finished or had the cleaning drains inset. The framing will start soon. We have an appointment for a fence company to quote for the indoor/outdoor kennel fencing. The plumbing has been run up to the foundation and once it is in we will be moving in the heating and cooling unit along with a stainless steel shoreline kennel for puppies. To accomplished all this while trying to get the last of the dogs out of the facility, along with all the other things accumulated over the years while still doing kennel duty has not been an easy task. On top of all that we sadly have not been pulling anything from our Animal Ccontrol because we need to get this move accomplished first. Since we do this to save the lives of the animals, it pains us greatly knowing not a lot of animals will make it out simply because they have nowhere to go. If you would like to foster a dog (give it a temporary home) click here to see the Foster Application Form.

Our Vet Bill
Vet Bill, Rainbow Animal Rescue, NC Thanks to fundraising and the estate of a person that passed away, this vet bill has been paid. I thought you might be interested to know what the money was spent on. A lot of the cost is to put right the neglect of the owners that abandoned these dogs. Heartworm prevention is a lot cheaper than us having to pay to treat Heartworm infestation. Skin infections are often caused by fleas and mites. Teating a dog that has fleas before it becomes allergetic is a lot cheaper than paying for antibiotic. Demodex mites often become a problem if a dog is not given enough to eat. Parvovirus is easily prevented by vaccinating the mother and the pups. Saving the life of a puppy with Parvo costs a lot and the pup may die while being treated though we still have to pay for it!

This is a little of what this bill is covering. During the summer many vets will not do heartworm treatment because the heat is just too dangerous on the dog that has been treated. During the winter months we have to get all the ones that we pulled during the summer that were heartworm positive treated. This bill was for a seven week period. We did eleven heartworm treatments, 24 spay/neuters, had a dog with a gastric bleed, another one that became non-weight bearing on a front leg (that required x-rays etc), several that had skin issues that had to go on antibiotics and bravecto, a parvo pup or two, flea/tick and heartworm prevention for multiple dogs in our care. We had more than a few with Coccidia that required Albon not to mention worm meds. We had to update vetting on several that have been with us for a while along with exams for the last of the ones we pulled which included heartworm testing. So you can do the math on just the eleven Heartworm treatments and 24 spay/neuters and then all the normal stuff along with the unexpected and you can see how the total mounts up.

How we spent your donations in 2019
This is a basic budget break down for Rainbow Animal Rescue NC for 2019:
  • Total donations and funds raised $86743.
  • Total vetting expenses $62118.
  • Total shelter expenses (utilities, insurance, Etc) $12056.
  • Total Transportation and miscellaneous expenses $9497.
  • Total community assistance outreach $2578 (wish we could improve this amount).
  • Total expenses $86249.
  • That left us with a big $494 surplus in funding.
We have to say that is a big YAY! At least we were not in the hole.
A BIG THANK YOU TO ALL THOSE THAT SUPPORT US. BTW: our intake numbers were still over 600.

Published by the Halifax County Public Health System

RAR rescued this injured kitten

UPDATE April 30th 2020: Little Scuff recovering well at the foster. UPDATE April 27th: Scuff is doing fine. Has scraped nose and scrape around one eye. Has mild respiratory infection. Coming home tomorrow with several meds. No broken bones or internal injuries found. This little one was found in the middle of I95. Heading to the vet to spend the night and be checked out. We have no clue how or why he/she ended up in the middle of the interstate.

If you would like to donate toward the vet bill please click here

RAR rescued this injured dog

UPDATE April 21st 2020: The Beagle hit by a car is loving life again. Thank you to everyone who donated for her care.
UPDATE: She had her drain tubes removed today and if all goes well her sutures will come out next week and she will be available for adoption.
UPDATE: Girlfriend the Beagle is back with us after a night at the vet. She has her tail stitched up and her front leg stitched up with a drain in it. She is on three different meds and crate rest for the next 10 days. IF YOU CAN HELP WITH A DONATION PLEASE DO. WE ARE BEING HIT HARD WITH HIGH MEDICAL EXPENSES.

This dog was seen to be hit by a car. Animal Control is closed so they asked us to take it in. Please be sure people know the pound is still closed so the dog is not there. If you know the owner please tell them to contact us.

For information on how you can donate click here

Thank You CBS17

Thank you CBS17 for selecting us for the Three Degree Challenge (it will take a few weeks to get the actual real check). It is greatly needed for all the emergency vet bills we have had lately.

 Click here to see the video (2m3s)

We have a new van

We have a van! We did not have much luck looking locally so we looked across state lines :). This van was donated to us from a generous donor in VA and while we need to do a few adjustments, it is the size we need and only has 44K miles on it. She made her maiden trip to DE this week with 15 animals on board. We would like to thank Connie Whitehurst, Paul Evans and Linda Hotchstein for all their coordinating and efforts to help us get this much needed vehicle.

From a Barrel in the Woods to a Happy Home

Thank you Grateful Doggies Rescue Retreat, Middletown, NY for helping us make sure Sobo found a well deserved home. From tied out in the woods with mammary issues to a warm loving home.

Dog Found with Embedded Chain

October 20th: We received a call about this girl yesterday. Found with an embedded collar/chain and needed medical care. She is resting comfortably at Williamston Vet Hospital. Thank you again Cheryle Barnes and the crew at Williamston Vet Hospital for taking on another case on such a short notice.
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